Caramel Apple
The flavor sensation of biting into a crisp, crunchy apple with a creamy caramel finish.
750ml bottle: $16 -After dinner or late night wine.

Peanut butter and grape jelly. An American favorite put into a bottle so you can take anywhere.
750ml bottle: $16 -Best to share with company.

Our most unique flavor yet!
750ml bottle: $18 -Pour it over pancakes.

Sweet Blueberry wine that finishes like you are eating freshly picked berries sprinkled with sugar.
750ml bottle:$12 -Pour it over ice cream.

Chocolate Strawberry
Sweet Strawberry wine that finishes with a sweet chocolate flavor that just makes you want more.
750ml bottle:$16 -Pour it over ice cream.

Summer Brew
THE TOP SELLER. The "tea" wine!
750ml bottle: $15 -Made for anytime, anywhere, served over ice.

A top selling wine sweetened with natural flavors including Pomegranate, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry and Raspberry.
750ml bottle: $15 -Best served alone. A perfect drink on a hot day.

Outrageous Orange
This is a one of a kind that you won't find anywhere, but at the Twisted Vine Winery. There's nothing closer to a glass of orange juice than this.
750ml bottle: $15 -Best served with your breakfast!

Twisted Citrus
A very uniquely made wine that has been sweetened with a perfect balance of raspberry and lemon.
750ml bottle: $15 -A perfect drink on a hot day.

A grape wine with a big blast of raspberry and peach.
750ml bottle: $16

Krazy Dragon
Made with the up and coming Dragon Fruit juice that can be described as having a raspberry melon flavor.
750ml bottle: $18

Exotic Fruit
This perfect combination of Plum, Passion Fruit and Strawberry unleashes a full fruit intensity.
750ml bottle:$15

Sweet Strawberry Wine. Moving up the list to be a Top Seller!
750ml bottle: $15

Black Razz
A flavorful fruit wine that's sweet and appealing with the aroma and flavors of freshly picked, ripe raspberries.
750ml bottle: $18

Blackberry Smash
A new best seller that tastes just like the sweet, fresh berries from the bush.
750ml bottle: $15

A well balanced and all around smooth grape wine.
750ml bottle: $15

Green Apple
Like biting into a crisp, crunchy green apple, with a pleasant and slight tartness followed by a delicious juicy finish.
750ml bottle: $12 -Serve poolside with shrimp kebab.

Black Cherry
A local, traditional wine that is rising in popularity as one of our most popular sellers.
750ml bottle:$15

As smooth as cranberry juice itself with just a little extra kick.
750ml bottle:$12

Tropical Pinot
Leaps out of the glass with the firm acidity of the Pinot Grigio and finishes with a blast of Coconut.
750ml bottle:$15

Riesling has a distinctive floral and green apple aroma mixed with mineral elements from its Washington vineyard, giving it a brisk quality.
750ml bottle: $15

Apricot Chardonnay
If you're a Chardonnay drinker, you will love ours, having a perfect blend of Apricot that balances the acidity and flavors very well.
750ml bottle: $12
Blackberry Cabernet
The Cabernet grape with a perfect pairing of Blackberries makes a great dinner wine that goes well with nearly anything.
750ml bottle: $10

A bold and heavy bodied red wine that pairs well with most dinner items containing red meat.
750ml bottle: $15
Sauvignon Blanc- Our new dry wine is a great addition to our offerings. Clean and crisp.
750ml bottle: $15

Merlot- Merlot grapes produce a deep, full-bodied wine. Made with French Oak and can be aged for even more improved flavors.
750ml bottle: $16

Cabernet Sauvignon- Rich in tannins, Cabernet grapes produce a deep, full-bodied wine with intense aromas and flavors of red
and black fruit and light spice.
750ml bottle: $15 -A robust wine, perfect with red meat or wild game. This wine can be aged for several years and only gets better.